Now farmers and ranchers can have a long-range Internet connection up to 14.5 miles from their home-base router. Ayrstone Productivity introduced the AyrMesh Bridge, a 5-mile-long, point-to-point Internet bridge that acts like a wireless Ethernet cable, allowing farmers and ranchers to easily connect distant devices to their networks.

“This new technology tool maximizes Internet coverage across a property and through fields and pastures,” said Bill Moffitt, president of Ayrstone Productivity, a provider of wireless farm networking devices. “It was designed to help our customers set up AyrMesh Hub networks, but it has a variety of uses for wireless networking and can help increase farm productivity and efficiency in more distant areas.”

For users who already have an AyrMesh wireless network, which uses a system of Hubs to provide a long-range Internet connection to devices up to 7.5 miles from a home-base router, the AyrMesh Bridge can boost the range and efficacy of those AyrMesh Hubs. In fact, it can extend the reach of the network up to 14.5 miles, easily accessing devices such as remote cameras, switches, gauges and weather stations without the need for a cellular data signal.

“The AyrMesh Bridge can also be used by those who don’t have an AyrMesh network, simply as a way to connect one part of the farm to another, even devices that are several miles apart,” Moffitt explained. “For example, it can connect a remote building or camera to a home router.”

Each AyrMesh Bridge contains two radios, the Gateway and the Remote. The Bridge Gateway can connect to your network in four ways: 

a) direct to your router
b) through an AyrMesh Hub
c) through an AyrMesh Receiver
d) through the Remote radio of another AyrMesh Bridge

The Remote then connects to the device you want linked to your network. It uses a 5 GHz, low-interference, narrow-band signal and typically provides a bandwidth of 5 to 30 megabits per second for fast Internet service, depending on how far apart the radios are.

“The AyrMesh Bridge is easy to install but does require good line-of-sight,” added Moffitt. “The biggest advantage it has over other point-to-point bridge products on the market is the extreme ease of installation and use because the Bridge is managed and monitored from the web portal, just like the AyrMesh Hubs and Receivers.”

The AyrMesh Bridge retails for $449.95 and can be purchased from a local Ayrstone Pro Partner or on the company’s website at