NORTH OAKS, Minn. – Arystone has announced the release of the AyrMesh Hub2x2, an outdoor high-power WiFi access point. The Hub2x2 is designed to deliver high-speed outdoor WiFi across large outdoor areas. Using MIMO, the Hub2x2 can provide broadband-class WiFi across thousands of acres. The new Hub has high output power and can be used to improve overall security through the use of IP cameras and other networked security devices.

The Hub2x2 is fully compatible with the rest of Ayrstone’s product line, allowing to serve as a “Gateway” for an AyrMesh Hub network across thousands of acres to assist in production agriculture.

“The new Hub2x2 marks a new direction for Ayrstone,” says Bill Moffitt, President of Ayrstone Productivity. “We have previously focused on ultra-long-range, moderate-bandwidth products primarily aimed at enhancing precision agriculture. The Hub2x2 can still provide long range, but can also provide up to twice the bandwidth of our previous single-antenna Hubs, making it ideal for security, professional, and leisure activities in a rural setting.”