SST Software has released a new web-based application, SST Analytics, that allows agronomists to perform regional analysis across their precision farming data sets.

SST first began performing regional agronomic analysis in the late 1990’s with its SST Information Lab program. Today, SST’s model has evolved into a central data repository, known as agX, which houses massive amounts of precision farming data across 120 million acres of unique farm fields.

“SST Analytics is a new approach in our ability to query regional datasets because it is web-based, highly dynamic, and introduces Business Intelligence reports for retail management,” states Aaron McIntire, Product Manager for SST Analytics.

SST Analytics allows ag retailers to generate visual reports across their customer base for such things as yield scenarios, market penetration, and retail location performance. As an agronomist or ag retailer studies the information, he or she interacts with various charts while drilling deeper into the data.

If an agronomist is looking at the yield performance of an individual field and clicks on the soil types or taxonomic classes within that field, SST Analytics will display yield performance for all hybrids planted on that soil type from the company’s larger aggregated dataset. This allows agronomists to have conversations with farmers about how management zones across their fields are performing while using anonymized, aggregated data to infer decisions about improving yield performance.

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Last season SST beta tested SST Analytics with some clients. “Agronomists were surprised with how SST Analytics helped them overcome biases held by their grower-clients,” states McIntire. “For example, some farmers who had a negative attitude toward a specific seed company decided to switch to that seed company’s products once they saw the data of a particular hybrid’s performance that strongly correlated with their fields.”

SST Analytics is also attractive to retail management with its Business Intelligence (B.I.) features. Managers can view performance metrics by retail locations all the way down to the productivity of individuals. SST Analytics updates on a weekly basis and users can choose to have select reports automatically emailed to them.

Matt Waits, CEO of SST, states, “We are excited about the value that SST Analytics will bring to the world of farming. SST strongly believes in strengthening the relationship between the ag service provider and the farmer. Our goal is to put tools such as SST Analytics into the hands of ag service providers so that insights gained from regional datasets will help agronomists make more informed recommendations and farmers to make more valuable decisions.”

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