DuPont Pioneer and Trimble have announced a collaborative effort that will give growers increased access to field data to help improve their productivity and profitability acre-by-acre.

The collaboration allows the seamless flow of information between Trimble Connected Farm, a Web-based farm management solution that includes wireless data transfer, and Encirca services, which are tailored decision services offered by DuPont Pioneer.

Growers will now have more options to quickly and easily import field operations data, including as-applied maps and production data from planters, spreaders, sprayers and combines, into Encirca services.

"This technology integration between Encirca services and Trimble's Connected Farm solution brings an added level of convenience to growers by expanding the list of compatible equipment they may use to farm more efficiently and effectively," said Eric Boeck, DuPont Pioneer marketing director, Encirca services.

"Trimble understands the importance—and ultimately the benefit to the grower—of working with a variety of solution providers in the industry to provide a seamless experience for the customer," said Pierre-Andre Rebeyrat, strategic marketing director of Trimble's Agriculture Division. "By integrating the Connected Farm solution with Encirca services, we are able to provide Encirca services users and their advisors with an easier way to view their field data so they can operate more efficiently and make better decisions based on that data."

Encirca services combine the latest technologies for weather, soils and agronomy with a grower's field operations data to comprehensively manage whole farm practices. These proprietary analytics and a personal advisor help growers make real-time management decisions to maximize crop yields and reduce risks.

Using the Connected Farm Application Programming Interface (API), Encirca services users will have the ability to transfer field data wirelessly, at their discretion, to the Encirca services platform via Trimble's Connected Farm solution. The integration also delivers the added benefit of transmitting prescriptions from Encirca services back to Trimble in-cab devices to be accurately applied in fields.

The Connected Farm solution—which works with in-cab displays, smartphones and mobile tablets—integrates data from all types of equipment, farm practices, crop types and farm sizes so growers can easily view field activities and other key farm information in one central location. By providing real-time data in a convenient online platform, and connecting the field to the office wirelessly, the Connected Farm solution enables better decision making for the farmer and facilitates easier collaboration with their trusted advisor.

Pioneer was one of the first decision services providers to leverage wireless data transfer functionality, having previously established wireless data transfer relationships with several other major equipment manufacturers.

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