Oybek Turayev was recently hired as a new Ag instructor at Lake Region State College’s Dakota Precision Agriculture Center. Oybek has a Master’s degree in Agricultural Education and Crop Production from NDSU.

Preston Sundeen, director of the Precision Ag program says Oybek will bring value to students and the program, “Oybek’s experience and background will be reflected in his teachings, providing our students with a great opportunity to use his knowledge to excel in classes and in their careers.”

Oybek was born and raised in Uzbekistan in central Asia.

Agriculture was always a big part of his life. His father, an engineer and professor along with his uncle, operated a poultry farm. With a goal to learn more about poultry farming for his family and country, Oybek took part in a young farmers training program with the United States.

The global outreach exchange program was through the University of Minnesota and it brought Oybek to Minnesota on a two-year exchange program where he worked with a poultry farmer.

Editor's Note: Lake Region State College is a featured school in our Precision Ag Technology Talent & Training Network (PATTN) directory.