OnFarm Systems, the first integrated precision agricultural information management and decision dashboard, and Agrian, a comprehensive and widely adopted suite of software-as-a-service applications to all levels of the agrifood supply chain announced today the availability of an integration between the two companies applications.

The connection between OnFarm and Agrian allows growers to access key recordkeeping and reporting information inside the OnFarm platform alongside real-time growing conditions like, soil moisture, field conditions, weather, and other vital information on their PC, tablet, or smartphone. Armed with this information, growers can better plan their day, manage their costs, and increase their production.

"As the market leader in agridata recordkeeping and reporting we're pleased to partner with OnFarm as they provide the over 55,000 Agrian users access to important agricultural information outside our traditional focus. Our partnership greatly extends the value of our brand and we believe that many of our customers will choose the OnFarm solution," said Nishan Majarian, CEO of Agrian.

"Our partnership with Agrian is an important one and a great addition to our partner network. Agrian gives OnFarm customers the deepest and most advanced agronomic, recordkeeping, and reporting services available from any source. Agrian continually invests in technology and label data and provides superior grower value which complements our commitment to helping growers every day," said Lance Donny, CEO of OnFarm.

OnFarm will be available for grower signup in late September. Agrian customers who choose OnFarm will see immediate benefit with reporting and other important agriculture information immediately available in the OnFarm software.

About OnFarm

OnFarm is the first Software-as-Service (SaaS) company to combine a comprehensive array of leading precision agriculture data from premier hardware and information providers into a single grower-friendly management and decision platform. For more information, please visit http://www.onfarmsystems.com or call 877-663-2761

About Agrian

Founded in 2004, Agrian Inc. provides a comprehensive and widely adopted suite of Software-as-a-Service, mobile phone and tablet-based applications to all levels of the Agrifood supply chain. The Agrian platform provides the Agricultural industry with an easy-to-use and easy-to-access data capture, storing, and sharing service. Agrian currently provides agronomy, recordkeeping, and reporting services on over 21 million acres of production agriculture throughout the United States.