Ranch Systems, a provider of field monitoring and control solutions for growers, and OnFarm, an innovator of on-line farm management applications, have formed a partnership and completed the integration of their respective software. Ranch Systems, as an OnFarm Ready Partner, is now “plug and play” compatible with the Grower Dashboard; growers can now seamlessly view field data collected by Ranch Systems equipment via the customizable OnFarm user interface.

The primary benefit to farmers is that all the information they need to manage their growing operation can be organized and accessed through a single application. Real-time weather, soil moisture and irrigation conditions can now be incorporated with charts, reports, schedules, maps, and communications to create a comprehensive Grower Dashboard. In addition to the systems now seamlessly working together, Ranch Systems and OnFarm are committed to working together to support their common customers. Ranch Systems and OnFarm have been successfully trialed in vineyards and orchards in the Central Valley and Central Coast in the 2014 growing season.

“Ranch Systems is pleased to partner with OnFarm, an emerging leader in farm management and technology integration. The agricultural industry needs open standards by which a wide range of disparate technologies and sources of information can be orchestrated and harmonized. This partnership is a leading example of both our companies’ commitment toward this end and one that is already providing important benefits to our customers,” states Jacob Christfort, President and Founder of Ranch Systems.

“We are thrilled to have Ranch Systems as an OnFarm Ready Partner because our mission is to couple our solution with widely-used, best-in-class technology from companies who are equally committed to taking care of their customers,” explains Lance Donny, CEO of OnFarm.