GROWMARK has partnered with The Climate Corporation to become an official dealer of Climate Pro, The Climate Corporation's premium web and mobile offering. 

Climate Pro is a web-based data information system that provides weather information specific to an individual farmer's field of interest. The software allows farms to import or load field boundaries into Climate Pro, and the Climate Pro network of weather stations provides precipitation estimates on those fields.

Tim Laatsch, GROWMARK ‎Insect and Plant Disease Technical Manager, sat down for an interview with Chuck about the technology's features, as well as the potential the technology is showing for future advances.

"With Climate Pro, you're able track rainfall on your crop, and what that leads to is an ability to model and predict whether your corn crop will have sufficient nitrogen remaining in the soil profile to drive optimum yield," said Laatsch.

"And Monsanto has set up several field-scale research farms across the Midwest that focus exclusively on validating the nitrogen loss calculations in the Climate Pro model, so there is an extensive amount of field validation work going on to further advance the accuracy of the program."

Climate Pro is also able to intersect a specific field average with satellite photography and imagery, allowing growers an unprecedented view into field health, and enabling more time efficient management of the stressors targeting specific areas of a field.

"For a farmer, this adds a whole new suite of information tools that has some wow factor, there's some pretty neat stuff in there, but it also provides some very practical management tools," said Laatsch.

"We're very excited to be launching this new brand," he said. "The premise of the word Endure, and why it was used as the name of the brand, is that we believe that companies and farmers who implement stewardship practices on their farm and operate with excellence across the board, will endure the test of time."