SST Software has announced the launch of Sirrus for iPhone for added in-field mobility and convenience.

“Communication, accessibility and convenience are important to the precision ag community,” said Drew McMahon, Product Manager for Sirrus. “Increased mobility with Sirrus for iPhone gives our users a tool that can be used in the field and as a means of communication to growers.”

Sirrus allows users to monitor key operational processes to obtain a successful growing season. Sirrus for iPhone enables users to deliver information on a field directly into the hands of the grower. The iPhone version will feature scouting, crop protection and fertilizer, planting, tillage, boundary creation, reports, shapefile exports and more.

“We are excited to launch Sirrus for iPhone,” said Matt Waits, Chief Executive Officer of SST Software. “Having access to information and being able to quickly collect new information so optimal decisions can be made is critical to our users. Global agriculture needs the ability to analyze information quickly in a dynamic marketplace. SST’s system allows this, and the addition of Sirrus for iPhone gives users the ability to communicate decisions and data to growers in a timely manner.”

No stranger to the precision agricultural industry, SST Software has been developing an enterprise-level ecosystem of geospatial software and applications for more than 20 years. The company strives toward innovative solutions that enable mobility and optimal geospatial data performance. By connecting to the agX Platform in Sirrus for iPhone, standardized field data is available offline and can be shared with other agX users and applications. User can manually sync when back in a service area or wirelessly connected.

Sirrus for iPhone is available for free in the App Store.