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Dawn Hillrud, B.Admin; CHRP

The process of recruiting employees has changed.  This article on recruitment, the third of four, will discuss how “dynamic messaging” about the position you have open will increase your number of job applicants.

Step Three: Use Dynamic Messaging to Attract Candidates

To gain the attention of strong candidate for the precision farming specialist position you’ve opened at your dealership, your messages about the job, including job ads and descriptions, must be dynamic and unique.

The messages must go beyond the traditional job ads that simply list duties and minimum educational requirements. The new style of job ad lists details about the job and your organization in a way that will peak the interest of potential candidates. In fact, they must be so unique and eye-catching that even those who are not seeking a career move will take notice and consider joining your team.

Incorporate attention grabbing titles and opening lines — The title of your job ad should be long and it should stand out. It should be almost outrageous. You must capture the attention of the reader.

For example, if your job ad title reads: “BLAST OFF - Precision Farming Specialist Needed to Take Innovative Equipment Dealer to an Out-of-this-World Level” will stand out much more than: “Help Wanted — Precision Farming Specialist.”

Once you have a great title, be sure to use the next few lines to compel the reader to keep reading and then take action. Make them memorable, like: “Jumpstart our Precision Farming Department and Work in our New, State-of-the-Art Shop.” This will certainly grab more attention than: “Must have 5 years experience and a diploma.”

Brand your job and organization — The knowledge of the job you gained in the Step Two article (Knowing Your Job and Your Workplace) will become very valuable when creating messages. The information you gathered in Step Two will help you identify details that will “brand” the job and your organization.  Because people are more apt to move if it will result in an exciting and challenging experience, make sure you include what sets your organization apart from the competition.

Does your dealership have a state-of-the-art new shop to work in?  Do you provide sales incentives that surpass the competition? Is your dealership a fun place to work that provides more continuous learning/educational opportunities than the competition? If yes, include these in your messages. It will draw people in to apply.  Also, tie the job to a major company initiative to elevate the importance of the position.  Describe what the person will become and what they will learn as a result of taking the job.

Promote the job location and community — Use the messages to promote the  position’s location and community as a great place to live.  For example, note if your job is located in a safe, rural community that is a great area to raise a family. Also, touch on exciting community details such as new schools or sporting facilities that are available, and are attractive to hired candidates. 

Use the job messages to communicate with candidates — Outline the objectives that the hired person must achieve. Tell them about advancement opportunities attached to the job. Provide candidates with a realistic job preview so they can gauge whether or not their current abilities will transfer to the job objectives. 

Do not use your precision farming specialist ad to communicate “must haves” that will discourage people with comparable skills from applying. Describe what people will do with their skills, rather than the skills themselves.  For example, an ad that states “Use your knowledge of Precision Farming to Lead the Team in Building a Solid Client Base” will get more response than “Must have Precision Farming Experience.”

Dynamic and exciting messages will increase your number of job applicants and therefore provide you with a more qualified and capable candidate pool.

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