FARGO, N.D. – RDO Equipment Co. announced its partnership with Sentera, a UAV-focused company offering image and data solutions for drones. The agreement enhances current UAV products and support offered by RDO Equipment Co., and extends the opportunity for the technology to more professionals in the agriculture industry, as well as those in the construction, infrastructure and public safety industries.

New Offerings

Per the new partnership, RDO Equipment Co. is offering the DJI Phantom drone equipped with Sentera’s Single Sensor, an NIR/NDVI sensor.  Also available, exclusive to RDO Equipment Co. customers, is Sentera’s AgVault image data management platform. This system manages all RGB, NIR, and NDVI data and seamlessly integrates with the John Deere Operations Center for easy management and sharing. 

Meeting Customer Needs

According to Jeff Lemna, Director of Customer Support at RDO Equipment Co., the partnership fills a customer need for an entry-level UAV option and easy-to-use data management platform, backed with strong technical support.

Lemna also spoke to the advantages the partnership provides all RDO Equipment Co. customers, saying, “Our new relationship with Sentera expands and strengthens our complete UAV offerings. Not only are we opening the door for new customers to enter the UAV space, we’re better able to support existing customers with new options.”


At this time, six RDO Equipment Co. stores are offering the DJI Phantom Drone with the unique Sentera Single Sensor and access to Sentera AgVault software — Yuma, Ariz., Breckenridge and Moorhead, Minn., Bismarck, N.D., Aberdeen, S.D. and Pasco, Wash.

RDO Equipment Co. intends to expand to additional stores, but in the meantime, customers can learn more about Sentera offerings and see product demos by contacting the precision product specialist team at their nearest store.