RDO Equipment Co. and FarmLink today announced a new agreement that will further enable improvements in productivity and profitability by bringing together insights from yield benchmarking and the benefit of precision equipment capabilities.

“Through our long standing relationship with RDO Equipment Co., we share a strong commitment to improving the overall profitability of farm operations,” said Jeff Dema, president of Grower Services for FarmLink. “With access to actionable data, farmers can see how to treat fields differently and then more easily take advantage of precision technology. We are excited to expand our partnership to offer TrueHarvest benchmarking to RDO Equipment Co. customers and help pinpoint opportunities for yield improvements on every acre.”

Using the 2014 TrueHarvest benchmark released earlier this year, FarmLink identified an additional $1.7 billion revenue improvement opportunity available to farmers in five of the 10 states where RDO Equipment Co. currently operates, including: California, Minnesota, North Dakota, South Dakota and Washington. Benchmarks for Arizona and Oregon are forthcoming.

“Benchmarking is a critical new tool for growers and will expand our ability to help our customers leverage precision equipment services,” said Mark Kreps, RDO Equipment Co. Vice President of Agriculture Sales. “TrueHarvest by FarmLink offers independent, objective and actionable data that allows our product specialists, in partnership with farmers, to measure their land’s performance and make decisions for the next growing season. We look forward to utilizing this new tool with our farmers.”

With TrueHarvest benchmarking, agronomists and farmers can pinpoint where there is opportunity for yield improvement to help make investment decisions and evaluate input effectiveness. RDO Equipment Co. customers interested in using TrueHarvest to measure their land’s performance and make decisions for future growing seasons should contact their product specialist. Learn more about FarmLink and TrueHarvest at www.FarmLink.com