This week, AgDNA has launched Pixel Profit, a new tool designed to automatically analyze a grower’s operation and show the profit or loss on every acre.

Pixel Profit uses the data generated by in-field machinery to automate the financial analysis. The system combines farm expenses including seed, chemical and fertilizer purchases as well as overhead, machinery and labor costs. These are uploaded to the cloud, where AgDNA’s spatial data processing engine is able to automatically calculate precise income and expenses and calculate profitability.

By visually breaking down a field into profitability zones, growers are able to determine which regions are performing well and which need attention. The system is able to assist with ‘what if’ scenarios and real-time decision-making throughout the season to help ensure regions of marginal profitability are not overcapitalized.

AgDNA has been working with equipment manufacturers and other third party vendors for a number of years to wirelessly move data from the field to the grower’s desktop or smartphone. AgDNA’s cloud-based precision data processing allows the company to provide insight using the grower’s existing precision farming equipment.

Available as part of AgDNA’s Precision software platform, Pixel Profit is sold on a per acre basis through its authorized dealer network in 35 states for less than the price of a bushel of corn.