MONTAG MFG. – Fortifier 2212

Tech Specs: Montag’s Fortifier 2212 utilizes the patented Generation 2 twin bin system, introduced to the strip-till market a year ago to power the delivery system. Standard features includes twin bin design with 150 cubic feet of capacity, 4 section control, a pair of boost fans to give it maximum flow, dual ISOBUS scales and the Montag Dry Rate Controller. Seeding a cover crop in standing corn requires a machine that can meet the demands of high clearance travel, accurate seeding rates and plenty of acres per hour. The systems is available for installation on 90- and 120-foot booms, offered on the on 2014 and later Hagie STS12s.


Seeding a cover crop can increase soil organic matter, reduce erosion due to water and wind and stop the movement of nutrients to our streams and lakes. The practice of adding a cover crop to many farms is set to triple over the next few years.

BLU-JET – AT4020 Liquid Injection Applicator


Tech Specs: The Blu-Jet AT4020 Liquid Injection Applicator incorporates implement control and application functions, creating a user experience that employs a singular medium for the monitoring and operation of both, through an ISOBUS Virtual Terminal. Hydraulic functions, such as folding and raising the toolbar, are more precisely controlled; this allows for a narrower transport width and a decrease in operator fatigue. Application functions include sectional shut-off and variable-rate control. Other functions designed to enhance operator efficiency include the ability to apply hydraulic down pressure to the wings, monitor the tank level, and automatic Gull Wing Lift — all through the ECU software. Other features of the system include, a 5-year frame warranty, 1,500 gallon or 2,000 gallon tank capacity, 40-to-66 foot operating widths and row spacing on 20, 22 and 30 feet.

Compatibility Index: ISOBUS Certified, Available Factory-Installed


The system is designed to diminish operator fatigue by reducing workload of the tasks involving operation of liquid sidedress applicators. For example, employing position sensing hydraulics with programmed fold patterns allows the machine to fold narrower — reducing operator stress during folding and transport. Using a tank monitoring system that can better keep the operator aware of when the next fill must occur is an additional example.

VERMEER CORP. – Vermeer Self-Propelled Baler


Tech Specs: Vermeer’s new, first-of-its kind self-propelled round baler incorporates zero-radius turning to the steering system in the self-propelled machine. This feature allows operators to gain better maneuverability and driving efficiency than a conventional tractor-baler combination. While still a prototype, automating the baling process, as well as providing the ability to automatically make real-time adjustments based on field, crop and operator inputs, are just a couple of the goals for the ZR5. Integrated quarter-turn technology is part of the ZR5 baling automation process and during the tie-cycle, the machine can automatically rotate to the left or right, positioning the bale parallel to the windrow upon ejection.


When placing bales parallel to the windrow, the picking up process can be completed up to 35% faster and the bale chamber can be removed for maintenance in a matter of minutes, helping to ensure producers are spending time productively in the field.

PRAXIDYN – Mixmate


Tech Specs: Mixmate from Praxidyn streamlines the mixing process or completely automates chemical mixing with the bonus of automated records. Our Android app enables the operator to follow the prompts to complete the mixing and the records are automatic. Our data connections reduce errors, lower labor costs and simplify the system for users in the office and the field. Our patent pending jug processing will empty, measure, rinse, reconcile and record the contents of a 2.5 gallon jug in approximately 12 seconds. Flow meters can be used for bulk products and all flow meters and scales work simultaneously for fast blending speeds. Batches will normally be mixed as fast as the water can be pumped to reduce expensive idle time. It is the first system designed for the farm with data integration and portability. The system is synchronized with office applications to improve office efficiency and accuracy while lowering stress and workloads during the busy season.

Compatibility Index: Exclusively Aftermarket Product


It is possible for farmers to add 10% to their bottom line through reduced loading time, accurate measurements, and automatic records. For an ag retailer, a 2% inventory loss on chemical sales with a margin of 20% is 10% of your income.



Tech Specs: Directly integrated on the tire’s rim, the Trelleborg VIP system consists of a set of sensors measuring several parameters including load, pressure and temperature along with an electronic central processor controlling a compressor and a valve to adjust the pressure. The system automatically senses whether the machine is in the field or on the road and modifies pressure accordingly, inflating on the road or deflating in the field. It also detects when, on the same axle, the load on the right tire is different from the load on the left tire. Giving a huge advantage on slopes, where the system can set two different pressures according to data received, maximum safety is ensured along with high flotation, a constant footprint, excellent handling and low soil compaction.


A compressor and enclosed sensing control unit in the axle adjusts tire inflation to reduce compaction by about 10% and increase crop yield by about 5%.

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