Topcon Agriculture – Tillage Depth Control


Tech Specs: Topcon’s Tillage Depth Control system, powered by Norac, allows farmers to maintain the correct depth without having to make adjustments on the fly while in the field. The sensor system and controls allow for operation of a tillage implement through harder field elements and maintain the correct setting for the operator.

Compatibility Index: Available as Aftermarket Product


As the system collects information over time, the grower will be provided with increasingly-accurate fuel efficiency information to save money.


360 Yield Center – 360 Sprint


Tech Specs: 360 Yield Center’s new prototype 360 Sprint machine is designed for on-the-go liquid fertilizer refills. A 300-gallon tank, mounted on a John Deere Gator, has a connector in the front that can attach to a moving planter in the field and refill liquid nitrogen or starter fertilizer on the planter.


This system can load 300 gallons in less than 4 minutes on-the-go and covers as much as 30% more acres in a day.


Summers Manufacturing – VRT Renegade


Tech Specs: Featuring iControl implement control technology, the VRT Renegade from Summers allows operators to adjust tillage performance on the go, using a cab-mounted iPad as the controller. The product gives farmers control of tillage results, allowing the implement to virtually replace many other vertical tillage, high-speed disks and conventional tillage implements. The system features a variety of implement adjustments that can be made during operation for quickly adapting to changing field conditions. The adjustments are made in the cab using an iPad, which connects wirelessly to the iControl computer mounted on the implement. Operators can adjust the angle of the front and rear disk blades independently from 0-19 degrees to switch from light to aggressive tillage and anywhere in between. In addition to the blade angle, operators can adjust the hitch control to transfer more weight to the front or rear of the implement, or set the implement hitch to float mode. Operators can also use the iPad to set the tillage depth, gauge wheels, wing down pressure and rolling basket down pressure. Presets can be saved and named to quickly recall previous implement settings. 


The VRT Renegade features a control system using an iPad and can cover a lot of acres quickly at speeds up to 10 miles per hour and produces a great field finish and seedbed.




Tech Specs: Horsch LLC has introduced EDC electronic control technology, now available on its line of Joker RT tillage tools. This new option allows simpler, more precise electronic adjustments of the implement and also includes various tracking capabilities to help operators achieve the desired tillage results more easily while providing improved monitoring of tillage activities. Additionally, the system includes GPS pucks for tracking speed and acres per hour. It has a lifetime acre counter and a resettable acre counter for recording the area covered. Other features include alarm diagnostics to alert operators of potentially damaging settings and situations. The unit also features externally mounted potentiometers for sensing hydraulic settings, allowing for easier replacement than those located in the hydraulic cylinders. 

Compatibility Index: ISOBUS Certified


The new Joker EDC allows simpler, more precise electronic adjustments of the Joker RT and also includes various tracking capabilities to help operators achieve the desired tillage results more easily while providing improved monitoring of tillage activities. The ISO-based technology works with nearly all ISO-compatible monitors, allowing operators to easily and precisely set the tillage depth, as well as the hitch height and caster height (RT40 model only), via the monitor without leaving the cab.


Kingdom Ag Concepts – Shred Select


Tech Specs: Shred Select’s differential speed stalk rolls promote a healthy spring seedbed that increases crop emergence and boosts yields by opening stalks for microbe breakdown without the normal matting and hairpinning caused by confetti-style residue. Rotary knives allow customizable stalk sizing for each operation, removing the need to worry about weather relocating residue. Additionally, stalks easily flow through tillage equipment, eliminating a pass to size residue. This saves fuel and provides more time to focus on getting your crop out of the field. 

Compatibility Index: Available as Aftermarket Product 


By processing stalks at harvest without tillage pass, farmers get a jump on stalk decomposition, allowing cleaner, warmer seed beds that promote crop emergence. The differential speed design and rotary knives provide fuel and power efficiency while still delivering exceptional results. Customization of stalk sizing eliminates worry about weather relocating residue and stealing the accompanying nutrients it contains.


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