AGDNA – The Precision Platform


Tech Specs: AgDNA’s Precision Platform is a farm management software solution that combines data science and the Internet of Things (IoT) to help commercial crop producers increase yield, reduce input costs and maximize farm profitability. Unlike other precision farming tools, the system is branded specifically for local dealerships and works seamlessly with major-branded equipment to maximize results on every acre. By providing private labeled data management solutions for dealers, the platform increases engagement of a dealership’s integrated solutions and promotes brand loyalty among its customers. Every system includes a fully branded app for Apple and Android smartphones and tablets. Dealers have access to mobile sales and marketing tools and can take ownership of their brand message.


The system integrates directly with in-field equipment and automates data management with little manual input. It simplifies a grower’s management toolkit down to a single solution and manages a grower’s data from soil to silo. It also features the exclusive tool Pixel Profit — which automatically calculates critical profit and loss management zones on every acre. See precisely which regions of a field are performing and make informed decisions on how to address profit limiting factors.

FARMOBILE – Farmobile Pro Subscription


Tech Specs: With a Farmobile Pro subscription farmers can collect, share and even sell their farm data. Easy-to-install Passive Uplink Device (PUC) collects machine and agronomic data regardless of machine make and brand, and uploads data for secure storage with 6 CAN channels and LTE connectivity. Users can instantly access their data and glean insights in real-time through the dashboard and in-cab display or through the Farmobile app. The subscription’s universal file transfer feature allows producers and trusted advisors to send and receive prescriptive files directly to equipment — no thumb drives or down time required. As data is collected, it’s stored in a comprehensive, standard format called an Electronic Field Record (EFR) that allows for comparisons across machine, operator, location and time. The application also includes access to the data store, where farmers can earn revenue by licensing single-use copies of their farm data to trusted third-party buyers.

Compatibility Index: Exclusively Aftermarket Product


Farmers can improve efficiency and profitability on their land through universal file transfer, which allows farmers and trusted advisors to send prescriptive files directly to the machine. Farmobile is the only company offering access to the data store — the world’s first online marketplace where farmers can sell their data and establish a new revenue stream.

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