Ag Leader Technology – AgFiniti


Tech Specs: AgFiniti allows operators to access their maps and reports from any mobile device without having to learn a dedicated farm management software, see and share data with connected devices across the farm, and connect in and view a display operating in the field. Additionally, the new live stats feature allows InCommand displays and any connected mobile device to share location, travel direction, speed and basic attributes about the field operation.

Compatibility Index: Available as Aftermarket Product


New for Fall 2018, AgFiniti offers prescription services for fall fertility sold on an affordable, annual, per-acre unlimited basis.


Case IH – AFS Harvest Command


Tech Specs: The new Case IH AFS Harvest Command allows for better diagnosis and service intervals to help farmers in downtime and receive timely updates. It can use 16 different sensors to make 7 different, key combine function changes. These include ground speed, rotor speed, pre-sieve, top-sieve, fan speed, lower-sieve and then, cage vane angle position as well. The new system also features an exclusive, patented, sieve pressure sensor to measure pressure differential between the upper and lower sieve to get a better readout on sieve operation for operators.

Compatibility Index: Available Factory-Installed


Farmers can know if they have a sieve off-loss condition or blowout losses and then the sensors constantly optimize the machine before losses occur.


IntelliFarms – FieldDataManager


Tech Specs: IntelliFarms’ FieldDataManager reports real-time field data and weather conditions, measuring above and below ground for a comprehensive understanding of what’s going on in your fields. Through the weather station and wireless soil probe network, it measures rainfall, temperature, wind speed and direction, growing degree units (GDU) and much more. It captures the data directly from the soil, establishes wilt and saturation points and gives farmers precise moisture availability at all times. The data is then applied to crop-specific energy curves, providing in-depth tracking and reporting on how crops are advancing.

Compatibility Index: Available as Aftermarket Product


With specific field data gathered and then applied to the energy curves, FieldDataManager allows farmers to make the best decisions for planting, irrigating, applying nutrients and harvesting.


Farmers Edge – SmartPro


Tech Specs: SmartPro is a set of precision digital tools designed for agricultural professionals to enable the most complete and comprehensive precision agriculture service. From field-centric data collection, integration and management to digital agronomy, accurate prescriptions and proven results, the platform includes on-farm weather stations, soil moisture probes, satellite imagery and FarmCommand all-in-one farm management platform.


SmartPro is a scalable solution for providing sampling, scouting and variable-rate programs across more fields, in less time, with tools including eSample precision soil sampling system, eScout an advanced scouting platform and RxPro complete variable-rate technology system.


Trimble  – Farmer Fit/Farmer Pro


Tech Specs: Trimble’s two farmer software bundle options — Farmer Fit and Farmer Pro — both come with mobile, online and desktop platforms that sync automatically. The software allows farmers to manage field records, farm accounting, precision farming maps, prescriptions, guidance lines, fleet locations and status, crop health imagery, work orders, soil sampling, crop scouting and more.


Farmer Fit and Farmer Pro are the only fully integrated desktop, cloud and mobile software solution on the market today. The software platform ties the entire farming operation together, and is available anywhere, anytime, 24/7.


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