ACE PUMP CORP. – Pulse Width Modulated Control Valves


Tech Specs: For years, pulse width modulated (PWM) control systems were limited to self-propelled sprayers. Now, the same technology can be implemented easily on pull-type sprayers and fertilizer applicators, thanks to four new pump models with integrated PWM control valves from Ace Pump Corp. The new lineup of pumps with integrated PWM control valves are designed for use on any closed-center hydraulic system. The pump and valve combination provides quick rate changes for constant and variable rate applications. No bypass circuit is needed to route excess flow back to the tank, thus preventing excessive heat and foaming caused by large bypass flows. And the pumps run only as fast as necessary, minimizing horsepower requirements as well as wear and tear on the pump and other system components. The new pumps include a 12-volt proportional valve with industry standard Deutsch DT04-2P connector, compatibility with most PWM controllers, proportional manual override for emergency situations or troubleshooting and integrated pressure relief valve to eliminate the possibility of over-speeding while improving control curve linearity.

Compatibility Index: Available Factory-Installed


For growers who don’t own a self-propelled sprayer, the new pumps with integrated pulse width modulated control valves allow them to implement a PWM control scheme on their pull-type sprayers and fertilizer applicators. By doing so, these pumps allow for more precise application of crop inputs while saving money and maximizing yields.



Tech Specs: Designed with precision in mind, the new standard in dry fertilizer systems, the Generation II from Montag Mfg. expands the possibilities for your farming operation. The system offers a complete dual bin system with two separate 4.5 ton poly tanks, ISO scales for each tank, 1-18 rows (add as you need them), VRT per tank with on/off section control of up to 4 sections, complete with rate controller. The unit is designed to be more corrosion resistant by using stainless and composite materials with greater serviceability, easier to repair or replace parts, and easier to clean out at the end of the year. The system works well with strip-till systems as well as giving farmers the upper hand on cover crops. With the ability to add rows and configure drives, farmers can now easily invest in a metering platform that can be adapted to their operation as it changes and evolves for years to come.


The system can variable-rate each tank separately and by also adding multiple drivers to the metering system, farmers can turn on and off up to 4 sections on their implement.

AGXCEL – GX7 Row Monitoring Solution


Tech Specs: Monitor the flow on every row. Know every detail about where, when and how much fertilizer you are applying. All data collected belongs to the farmer and can be stored on a tablet and exported to a desktop computer. The system runs independent and will work alongside any system farmers have in place. With AgXcel’s Farm View Technology, get a visual of the farm and the exact placement of the liquid fertilizer.


If you are using liquid fertilizer today, then you already understand the tremendous value it can have on yields and health of your crop. Liquid fertilizer, however, can be costly. And do you always know if you are placing the correct amounts? The new row monitoring solution provides complete monitoring of your liquid flow.

SALFORD GROUP – Salford Valmar 9620 Pull-Type Pneumatic Boom Applicator


Tech Specs: Salford’s Valmar 9620 is the world’s largest capacity pull-type pneumatic boom applicator. The system is the result of a combination of two of established product lines — the Valmar Air Boom line, and the BBI MagnaSpread lineup. The 9620 is equipped with the reliable, accurate metering and air flow technology, along with and heavy duty, high efficiency hydraulics and high capacity. Through the precision technology included in the unit, producers will see reduced waste and time saved. The base model includes ISOBUS controls for left and right section control, and Digi-Star scale link ISOBUS scale kit (for ISOBUS displays).

Compatibility Index: ISOBUS Certified, Available Factory-Installed


The system includes an array of options, many included in the base model. The 660 cubic foot hopper covers at least 110 acres per hour, with less down time for fill ups. The 70-foot booms cover more acres in less time, with accuracy — even in less than desirable weather conditions. The micro hopper in each model allows for custom application of two product blends, with optional secondary metering and the hydraulic booms allow for manual height control over undulating terrain.

360 YIELD CENTER – 360 Dash


Tech Specs: Equipped with a valve, flow meter and seed sensor, the newly-designed 360 Dash seed applicator system from 360 Yield Center provides growers the ability to take a variety of different products and filter them out on an individual-seed basis. Compatible with precision equipment, the system includes a set-rate feature, allowing seeding to speed up or slow down in real-time.


In addition to adjustable rate and placement, the system’s spacing accuracy allows for products to be applied either on or off the seed per the farmer’s preference.



Tech Specs: The KZValve ZIPValve 2-way motorized ball valve is designed with precision plumbing in mind. Instantaneous on/off control in a compact valve design allows operators to place the valve in the optimal position to provide the best possible fluid or air control. The system is available with an M12 connector lid, which allows for either simple 12 volt on/off control, or operation as an individually addressed valve on a LINBUS system. The system also is available with a Deutsch lid with 0.2 second on/off actuation.

Compatibility Index: ISOBUS Certified


The new system allows for individual flow control with lightning fast shutoffs to reduce wasted product. This product is waterproof and highly reliable even in the harshest conditions. Valves can be daisy chained together for on/off or BUS control to communicate with your precision application system.

TEEJET – DynaJet Flex 7140 Nozzle Control System


Tech Specs: Several new features have been added to the DynaJet Flex nozzle control system from TeeJet, including higher frequency, 20-Hz solenoid operation to ensure thorough spray coverage across a wide range of operating condition, double the frequency of the previous generation system. Additionally, dual nozzle, high-flow capability significantly expands the overall ground speed and application rate range of the system. New, on-screen diagnostics capability allows for quick, in-cab assessment of solenoid heath and operating status.

Compatibility Index: Exclusively Aftermarket Product


The system is also compatible with air induction tip technology. Specifically, the TeeJet AITTJ60 Air Induction TwinJet has proven to provide excellent spray distribution quality when used with DynaJet. This tip expands the range of available droplet sizes, including extremely coarse and ultra coarse, for maximum drift control.

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