KZValve – 3/8-Inch ZipValve Precision Ball Valves


Tech Specs: The 3/8-inch ZIPValve offering bridges the gap between the ¼-inch ZIPValve and the ½-inch TX2 valves designed and manufactured by KZValve. This new product will flow 11.2 gallons per minute at a 5 psi drop. The new valve provides enough flow for fence and end-row applications on sprayers, as well as on other applications where a bulky ½- or 1-inch valve is traditionally used. A variety of fittings, including ¾- and 1-inch hose barbs — straight and 90-degree options — and ½- and ¾-inch Female NPT, are also available.

Compatibility Index: ISOBUS Certified, Available Factory-Installed, Available as Aftermarket Product


This new compact model provides much less amp draw to the overall sprayer electrical system, provides much less weight on the sprayer booms, a more precise and quick shutoff than a standard 1-inch valve used today and can be used as a more reliable replacement to a solenoid valve.


Martin Industries LLC – Dual UMO100 Nitrogen Coulter Row Cleaner Combination Unit


Tech Specs: The Martin-Till Dual UMO100 nitrogen coulters allow for yield-enhancing 2-by-3-by-2-inch fertilizer application. The system includes two 14-inch smooth blades for easy penetration, improved tapered roller bearings and triple lip seal for durability and updated and improved placement shoe for less friction. Furrow control strap will reduce furrow blow-out while minimizing erosion and fertilizer spattering. System also places nutrients at various depths 3 inches on both sides of seed for maximum usage and available with optional dry fertilizer tubes.

Compatibility Index: Available as Aftermarket Product


The Dual UMO100 configuration meets the trend for dual placement of fertilizer mixes a close, but safe distance next to the seed furrow. The easy to install attachment allows for proper placement of nutrients in a banded method below the soil surface to increase plant response.


CDS-John Blue Company – Poly-Centrifugal Pumps (PSP)


Tech Specs: CDS John-Blue’s new Poly-Centrifugal pump line is built on the proven durability and reliability of its Cast-Iron Centrifugal Pumps. The new poly-centrifugal pump incorporates proven “wet-seal” design, meaning it can run dry without causing seal failure. The system can pump 112 gallons per minute at 25 psi, with 45 psi maximum pressure, and comes in 8 models. Precision features include closed impeller technology, meaning pump efficiency improves over time as the impeller wears and pump can be removed or engine can be replaced without having to disassemble the pump.


CDS-John Blue Company’s new line of Polypropylene Centrifugal Pumps (PSP) utilize polypropylene material, which is a cost-friendly alternative to metallic elements, while also getting the benefits of lightweight construction, high strength against deformation and high chemical resistance.


Equipment Technologies – Apache Sprayer


Tech Specs: The 2019 Apache sprayer models now offer advanced precision technology such as the Raven Advanced RS1 high-speed steering system. With the addition of the RS1 system, operators have compatibility with the Viper 4+ field computer and in-cab remote support.

Compatibility Index: ISOBUS Certified, Available Factory Installed


With the addition of the RS1, operators will have access to a 2-year subscription to in-cab remote support to keep downtime to a minimum. The remote support provides troubleshooting, software updates and operator assistant functions, including access to the machine and precision data for faster troubleshooting, over-the-air updates, remote desktop service help, data logging, machine diagnostics, data analytics and more.


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