Tech Specs: Precision Planting’s new SmartFirmer has an optical sensor imbedded in a Keeton Seed Firmer that scans the soil as it goes through the field. The system tracks and provides feedback on organic matter, soil moisture and residue in the furrow. It can also be used to simply control seeding based on the real-time organic matter measurement and the corresponding population or hybrid selected by the farmer or their trusted advisor.


To better manage yield environments, the system’s high definition organic matter map will help develop precise prescriptions for planting population, seed hybrid and fertility applications.

KINZE MANUFACTURING INC. – Kinze Prototype 60 Foot Split-Row Planter


Tech Specs: The 60-foot prototype split-row planter from Kinze builds off previous models, maintaining the 15-inch and 20-inch row spacing for soybeans and corn respectively. The prototype’s twin-line tool bar allows for pusher units to move out front, improving residue flow and tool bar balance in the field. Similar to 3660 models, the concept is equipped with a rockshaft providing 14 inches of additional clearance.


The planter is equipped with a bulk-fill and hydraulic weight transfer system, which reduce compaction in pinch rows and keep the wings in the ground for good depth control while simultaneously providing positive airflow and bridging prevention.

HORSCH LLC – Canola Ready Technology


Tech Specs: Equipped with the Maestro SW row-crop planter, the new Horsch Canola Ready Technology consists of a small seeds kit, including a set of stainless steel seed discs and quick-change meter components for fast conversion from row crops to canola. The kit allows producers unmatched precision seed placement and significant input savings when seeding canola. Maestro SW planters are available in 40- and 60-foot toolbar widths with row spacing of 15, 20, 22 or 30 inches.


Canola producers are experiencing seed cost savings of 50% or more per acre versus air seeders without a sacrifice in yield, due to lower seed mortality rate and improved precision seed placement.

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