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SCHAFFERT MFG CO. — 4 Link Closer


Tech Specs: The 4 Link Closer system from Schaffert Mfg. Co. is a ground-following tail section that improves the performance of furrow closing wheel systems on planters. Standard swing arm tail sections, which contain a spring under the tail section, offer roughly 4 inches of rigid vertical travel. When the attached closing wheels flex up and down, the width between their points-of-contact varies as the wheels toe in and out, failing to properly close the seed V. The system’s configuration (patent pending) allows for up to 7 inches of vertical travel and creates more free-flowing and organic movement. As the row unit flexes, the pitch of the attached closing wheels remains constant, as does the width between the wheels’ points-of-contact, evenly closing the seed V.

Compatibility Index: Exclusively Aftermarket Product

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WOW Factor: The system offers nearly twice as much travel — 7 inches — as standard swing arm tail sections (4 inches). It keeps the closing wheels from moving in or out as the row unit flexes, giving more even depth control and better seed-to-soil contact for uniform emergence. Its broader vertical movement reduces the amount of blank planted rows through ditches and over terraces. The system fits Case IH, John Deere, Kinze, White and Great Plains planters.

YETTER FARM EQUIPMENT — 2940 Air Adjust Residue Manager


Tech Specs: The 2940 Air Adjust Residue Manager from Yetter Farm Equipment are floating residue managers controlled by using 2 air bags, one for up travel and one for down travel. The residue managers float on a parallel linkage keeping the pitch of the residue manager wheels always the same. Fine tune adjustments from the cab.

Compatibility Index: Available Factory Installed, ISOBUS Certified Component

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WOW Factor: The system uses up and down air bag pressure to allow farmers to make adjustments more quickly and accurately during planting. Residue manager height and down pressure can be adjusted independently from each other by fine-tuning air bag pressure. Its parallel linkage arms allow the residue manager to follow ground contour, just like the row unit.

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