Cote Ag Technologies – High-Speed Seed Delivery

Cote Ag

Tech Specs: Cote Ag’s new High-Speed Seed Delivery system allows farmers to ease into multi-hybrid planting technology. Operators can buy a single hybrid system with a blank plate on the side and later buy the kits and add-ons for a multi-hybrid system. The switch from one crop type to another is made simple and everything is self-adjusting.


The unit allows for the farmer to plant row crop seed on one side of the unit and granular insecticide or cover crop simultaneously on the other side.


Martin Industries LLC – Smart Clean Row Cleaner Air Control System

Martin Till

Tech Specs: The Smart Clean row cleaner adjustment system includes the plumbing box designed to be mounted on the toolbar as a replacement for existing in-cab controls and optional two-valve unit for controlling row cleaners as well as air bags from 0-100 psi. Operators can use both valves for bi-directional control. The system also includes air lines and fittings, electric air compressor, cylinders and brackets. The precision control smart valves and valve slice allow for fine tuning precision pressures to increments of 1 psi. Installation can be done by the farmer or planter technician.

Compatibility Index: Available as Aftermarket Product


Combining a Bluetooth connection with an easy-to-use app for Android or Apple smartphone or tablet, the Smart Clean System allows operators to raise and lower row cleaners by varying the amount of air pressure in the cylinders. The bi-directional control valve option (patent pending) lets operators select varying degrees of lift and down pressure, for more precise control of row cleaners by applying pressure on both sides of the cylinder at the same time. This results in less bouncing and skipping in higher residue conditions, and less trenching in conventional tillage situations.


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