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Ask someone in agriculture what comes to mind when they think of autonomy and they’ll likely say a driverless tractor. But many experts in precision farming say that simply removing the farmer from the cab may not be the best purpose or pathway to full autonomy.

Taylor Bybee, software engineer at Autonomous Solutions Inc., based in Petersboro, Utah, has spent the last 3 years refining machine automation in ag, working on perception systems and obstacle avoidance sensing.

Working on bringing autonomy to reality in several industries, ASI is collaborating with ag manufacturers on development of autonomous tractors. It’s an incremental process, Taylor says, but one which is moving forward, one unmanned acre at a time.

In today’s Precision Farming Dealer podcast, we share excerpts of my recent conversation with Taylor, who discusses the current state of autonomy in ag, how the industry is bridging the perception vs. reality gap and the equipment dealers’ role in introducing and supporting the advanced technology.

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