Farmobile LLC, the Independent Farm Data Company, announced the launch of its Farmobile DataEngine platform. DataEngine is designed to give farmers greater connectivity to their farm data for better insights. Features include enhanced API connectivity, greater machine and field visibility, improved fleet management capabilities, and more live data interactions.

Farmobile DataEngine’s back-end data processing platform paired with front-end mobile and web connectivity will allow farmers to ingest, standardize, view and share data with trusted advisors and channel partners.

Farmobile DataEngine leverages Amazon Web Services (AWS) for on-demand, big data cloud computing. The continuous integration allows processing of  “more complex data attributes on more acres and more machines” and organizing those digital assets into visual, portable Electronic Field Records (EFRs).

The platform also allows for a secure API, enabling Farmobile to deliver its standardized data directly to external software and systems.

“We are scaling rapidly in terms of data collection and processing, and the Farmobile DataEngine provides us the ability to accommodate more subscribers with increasingly more diverse and complex data well into the future,” says Farmobile CEO Jason Tatge.

The Farmobile DataEngine’s new user interface gives farmers greater connectivity to their agronomic and machine data allowing them to view, access, certify, export and share their records in real-time.

“The system delivers an unlimited number of mobile and web features to make data more viewable and responsive to farmers’ needs. With this launch, we are delivering more fleet management capabilities,” said Tatge.

New features include live full-fleet monitoring on a single screen, the ability to customize heat maps by attribute, more playback functionality and expanded reports.

The Farmobile DataEngine platform is available to all existing and new Farmobile customers.