SoilOptix Inc.
59712 Hwy 59.

Tavistock, Ontario. N0B 2R0

Phone: 519-902-SOIL(7645)
Number of employees: 7
Number of U.S. & Canadian dealerships: US-1 Canada-4

Key Contacts:
Paul Raymer, Owner & Founder
Zach Harmer, North American Sales Manager


SoilOptix is “raising the bar” in the world of soil measurement. This exciting new technology is offering high resolution soil nutrient and textural map data. These maps can be a compliment to the various other data sets that are used to manage the in-field variability. 

In 2010, this technology was adopted by Paul and Barry Raymer from a European university researcher. Upon fine tuning the SoilOptix system as a premium agricultural mapping product run under their family-run company, Practical Precision Inc.; they began offering the service to the agricultural community across Ontario and Eastern Canada. In 2017, the SoilOptix product had grown to become a standalone corporation. SoilOptix Inc. is now offering the packaged service providing hardware technology for agronomists, consultants and ag retailers to integrate into their current businesses.

The SoilOptix system begins with a passive, non-contact geological based sensor, that detects the soil’s naturally emitting, low level radiation or spectral decay. Coupling this stable soil measurement energy with traditional physical soil lab results, SoilOptix delivers up to 30 different soil property map layers with at a density of 335 data points per acre, or a point every 11½ feet. This solid, rich information can be easily molded into developing VR prescriptions for soil property amendments (fertility), seeding or water management. It is SoilOptix Inc.’s mission to deliver the highest quality soil information possible for building sound decisions towards their fields variability. SoilOptix Inc. works very closely with their service providing partners to ensure high quality and support standards are met for the end customer. In parallel, SoilOptix Inc. is consistently researching and innovating new ways to advance their soil measurement technology to better serve the growing demands for today’s more efficient farming.

SoilOptix Inc. is a proud partner of The 4R Nutrient Stewardship Program, and was honored with the 2014 OFA Awards of Excellence – President’s Technology Award.


  • SoilOptix Inc. : High Resolution Digital Top Soil Mapping 


We are continuously researching our sensor and technology and updating our digital mapping programs, and we are proud to offer a new generation of sensors to better serve our clients.