Montag Manufacturing Inc.
Iowa Location
3816 461st Ave.
Emmetsburg, IA 50536

Nebraska Location
2737 Van Dorn Rd.
Milford, NE 68405

Phone: 712-852-4572
Fax: 712-852-4574

Key Contacts:
Roger Montag, President
Anthony Montag, Vice President/General Manager
Brian Johnson, Sales Manager
William Montag, Marketing

Montag Mfg. grew out of the original patented idea for the unique air chambers by its founder and president, Roger Montag, in 1986. With the need to carry multiple tons of dry fertilizer on systems not designed to carry additional weight, Montag developed its now popular auto-steerable carts. As interest in the cart and the meter made with the unique air chambers increased, it became clear that the time had come to set up the family business and start selling the cart and meter. So, in 2005 the family business was incorporated as Montag Mfg. Inc. and started selling products to the farming industry.

In January 2015, Montag celebrated its 10-year anniversary and the release of the new generation of metering system that is referred to as Gen II, as well as the Camoplast track option on its auto-steerable carts available in 16- and 18-inch widths to substantially reduce compaction over the standard two- wheeled carts (the track is only available on the 12 ton cart).

Designed from the bottom up, the Gen II metering system has been on the wish list for years here at Montag Mfg. Gen II is a true dual product metering system with the following list of features:

  1. Independent scales on both of the 4.5 ton tanks to track application.
  2. Add or subtract rows (1-18) keeping pace with your operation and offering more flexibility.
  3. Configure drives you can now easily invest in a metering platform that can be adapted to your operation as it changes and evolves for years to come.
  4. Greater service ability designed to be more corrosion resistant by using stainless and composite materials while maintaining a cleaner and simpler design, making repairs and service easier.

This new product provides agriculture producers a valid way to reduce costs. By applying nutrients in a band underground, you can decrease the amount applied and still maintain or improve yields. Gen II, the next generation of nutrient metering, provides greater performance and efficiency, with higher accuracy than other systems.

Rock solid and reliable in design, Gen I — the original Montag metering system — is a well-tested design manufactured entirely out of 300 series food grade stainless steel or a chemically resistant poly. Each row is individually metered for greater row-to-row accuracy, which is a key requirement with precision agriculture. The Gen I is available in both High Output and Standard, in 8, 12, 16 and 18 row (24 row in High Output only) with the meters available with either a standard or low-rate metering screw.

Montag Mfg. is a valued partner with many tillage OEM companies and has a strong and growing dealer network to serve Montag customers.