IntelliFarms – BinManager


Tech Specs: IntelliFarms’ BinManager is a grain bin management solution that monitors, preserves and conditions grain until farmers are ready to sell. It dries, cools and even rehydrates grain to exact targets with precision. With patented 3G Plus Cables and sensors throughout the bin, the system accurately reports inventory, moisture, temperature and CO2 levels. It is designed to protect grain against factors that compromise quality. Activity within the bins can be monitored from smartphones, tablets and computers at anytime. When issues are detected, the system sends alerts before it’s too late to take action and works to reduce runtime costs, only running fans and/or heaters when productive air is present. The system measures moisture and temperature throughout the bin and analyzes the outside air and air in the plenum to determine the optimal time to run.

Compatibility Index: Available as Aftermarket Product


BinManager is the only system that is proven to achieve target moisture levels and also preserve protein, oil and starch contents.


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