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TRI-STATES GRAIN CONDITIONING INC. — GrainTrac Remote Bin Monitoring & Fan Control


Tech Specs: The key to safe and successful grain storage is temperature. The GrainTrac Remote Bin Monitoring and Fan Control system from Tri-States Grain Conditioning Inc. allows users to view current and past temperature readings, configure alarms, receive text or e-mail alerts, preserve grain quality and save money by lowering energy costs.

Compatibility Index: Available Factory Installed

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WOW Factor: Remote bin monitoring and fan control anytime, anywhere with real-time temperature availability on a smart phone or PC.

AGRIDRY — Bullseye Controller


Tech Specs: The Bullseye Controller from AgriDry automates grain bin fans by monitoring air quality to efficiently store and dry grain. Farmers can receive alerts and alarms from ADLink, offering 24/7 access to their controller.

Compatibility Index: Exclusively Aftermarket Product

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WOW Factor: No more EMC calculations or constant weather monitoring for quality stored grain.



Tech Specs: OPI Blue from OPI Systems is a wireless platform that delivers hourly grain storage information to a farmer’s mobile or desktop devices, eliminating the need to drive to grain bins to plug in. The system can be incorporated into the operator’s current OPI grain management system using existing cabling or purchased as a new system.

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WOW Factor: Wirelessly obtain hourly grain temperature and moisture readings, grain inventory levels and view multiple bins at once on a PC, iOS or Android device, 24/7.

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