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Bullseye Controller

Tech Specs: The AgriDry Bullseye maintains the grain bin’s internal environment to keep grain in condition during drying and storage. The system monitors the outside temperature and relative humidity and switches on the fans automatically in order to maintain ideal conditions. It can run the fans for drying on a natural air drying grain bin or run the fans to keep grain in storage longer. The system gives farmers 24/7 access to their grain bin data including fan run time, temperature readings, EMC calculations, static pressure readings and more. They can remotely monitor and change settings on the controller at their convenience. Controllers to automate high temperature grain dryers are also available.

Compatibility Index: Available Factory Installed

Wow Stamp

WOW Factor: Will run farmers’ fans at the right time to minimize shrink, maintain grain quality and save on electricity, saving them time and money every year.

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