Dawn Equipment's FurrowTechnik Mapping & Control System easily connects to the user's Dawn implement PDM for power and communication. With it, the user may collect data on the activity of any DawnFX electro-hydraulic tool. Real-time maps of Dawn FX tool activity can also be viewed.

The System connects via Wi-Fi and features maps detailing the performance of the planter's automated tools (applied planter down force, gauge wheel load, closing wheel applied pressure, closing wheel depth and actual planter depth). To install, the user simply plugs in and connects an iOS device to the FurrowTechnik telemetry controller. Once implement settings are entered, the program requires limited input; the user may change between maps simply by selecting the toolset desired from the menu bar. The telemetry controller continues to record data, as long as power is supplied.

For more information, please visit www.DawnEquipment.com.