John Deere's latest software release includes a higher level of automation activation that enables Machine Sync harvest automation functionality on the Gen 4 platform for tractors and combines. With the 19-1 software update, Gen 4 Displays now show area remaining and estimated time to completion for many field operations. It also doubles the number of legend colors on the display so operators can view yield, prescriptions and as-applied maps in much greater detail when viewed on the display or in the John Deere Operations Center.

Operators can now manually document weather and field conditions from the cab, which can be critical information to include for application and planting records. Data that can be recorded includes wind speed and direction, weather and soil and field conditions as they change throughout the day.

In addition, customers can now use AutoTrac Turn Automation and AutoTrac Implement Guidance (Curve Center Shift) with SeedStar 4 when planting.

Along with the 19-1 software update, John Deere is expanding its Machine Sync feature, which synchronizes tractor and grain cart speed and position with the combine for on-the-go unloading during harvest.

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