Outback Guidance
2207 Iowa St.
Hiawatha, KS 66434

Phone: 785-742-2976
Toll Free: 1-800-247-3808
Fax: 785-742-2263
Website: www.OutbackGuidance.com
Number of employees: 38
Number of U.S. and Canadian dealerships: 158

Key Contacts:
Jeff Farrar, General Manager
Darren Pritchard, Director of Sales
Lizzie Crider, Channel Marketing Manager
Scott Spare, Global Customer Care Manager



  • Outback Guidance REBEL Packages give you the economic advantage. Start out with the Broad-Acre package for the low cost of $5,995 USD. When your operation is ready for the next level of precision, you can simply upgrade to the “Row Crop” or the “Sub-Inch” package.
  • REBEL complete auto-steer packages include a 7-inch high definition touch screen display, antenna, steering ECU and hydraulic installation kit. All packages are upgradable to: 10-inch REBEL Terminal, Outback AC110 Controller, Outback A321 RTK Base Station, Atlas Broad Acre Subscription Service, Atlas Row-Crop Subscription Service or ISOBUS Multi Product RTK.