Straight Edge Precision
PO Box 10010 Portage West PO
Bellingham, WA 98225

Phone: 204-871-5004
Fax: 360-647-6921
Number of employees: 3
Number of U.S. and Canadian dealerships supported: 30

Key Contacts:
Todd Botterill, President



Straight Edge Precision is a new division of Botterill Sales, recently created to help provide a full set of solutions for customers dealing with water management. Botterill Sales became the sole distributor for Ditch Assist almost two years ago and introduced them to the water management business.  Ditch Assist is the most simple and affordable machine control system on the market. As customers’ needs have diversified, so too have Ditch Assist’s capabilities. First we found that many customers who don’t have RTK guidance for their auto-steer systems were not willing to pay the upgrade costs to get the accuracy needed for machine control. 

Many farmers didn’t want to spend thousands of dollars to unlock RTK to use it for maybe one or 2 weeks a year. This started a search for a lower cost RTK system that would work strictly with Ditch Assist. Last year we started testing with the RJ-800 base and rover system, selling for $5,000 USD. This system is ideal for light users. This summer we will be releasing the RJ-1000 system, a dual frequency system designed to handle the tough conditions found in ag and especially on rotary ditchers, with an expected price of $10,000 USD. These systems will allow many farmers to afford a very accurate control system with an investment equaling nearly half the cost of other systems.

With Ditch Assist’s new ability to execute land forming plans and to create field surveys, there is a demand for an easy way to create those plans. Straight Edge Precision is offering Ezi-Grade software from Fore-soft to allow farmers to create their own drainage plans. We will also offer custom-made plans with a per-acre fee using either customer’s own surveys or available Lidar maps. The designs will be made to load directly into Ditch Assist and be used easily by the customer.

Our goal at Straight Edge Precision is to make water management easy for our customers and dealers. We try hard to be one of the easiest companies to work with, meaning our dealer requirements are few. We work with dealer’s existing products as well. We want to work together to create the best possible experience for the end user.


  • Ditch Assist
  • RJ-800
  • RJ-1000


  • Ditch Assist: Simple, affordable machine control for scrapers, rotary ditchers, pulldozers, etc. 
  • RJ-800: Low cost RTK base and rover system designed for users that will use it one or 2 weeks a year.  A very easy to use and accurate single frequency system.
  • RJ-1000: New dual frequency RTK base and rover system that is built strong for tough ag conditions. System is proving to be more accurate than systems selling for twice the price.