Laforge Systems Inc.
Cedar Falls, IA 50613

Phone: 855-408-3332 
Fax: 319-277-0997
Number of U.S. and Canadian dealerships: 1,200

Key Contacts
Hubert Defrancq

Sales & Marketing Manager
Kyle Frazier


Laforge branded front 3-point hitch systems have been available since 1979. Laforge Systems was established in 1991 as the first step in a carefully planned expansion to support Laforge’s growing number of dealers and customers throughout North America. The company quickly became a world leader in technology related to tractor-implement interaction, tractor ballasting and weight transfer, receiving a multitude of patents and awards in these areas, including 10+ AE50 awards to date. The Laforge Group purchased a manufacturing facility in Cedar Falls, Iowa, in 2007, and added a new factory in Waterloo, Iowa, in 2010. These facilities now also house whole goods and spare parts warehouses and an installation shop. Laforge has aslo developed a universal implement guidance hitch for rear implements as a contribution to making precision farming a reality. The Laforge DynaTrac is a key link between the implement guidance system and the rear implement by adjusting the lateral position of the implement based on the guidance line established by the tractor guidance system.Laforge leveraged decades of tractor-hitch experience and success in the U.S.A. with DynaTrac. The DynaTrac range fits any customer’s requirement and budget for precision farming. DynaTrac is available for all pulled, semi-mounted or mounted implements.

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  • Key link between the active implement guidance system and the implement by adjusting its lateral position.
  • Guarantees a high level of accuracy for the implement.
  • Operates with any brand of active implement guidance, providing correction instructions.

Powerfold Hitch for John Deere 8RX 

  • Reinforced frame to support the increased load
  • generated by track vs. wheels
  • Push bar perfectly integrated into the tractor
  • Arms folding from the cab for quick, easy and
  • safe operation