TerrAvion has enhanced its aerial image subscription services with its highest resolution offering to date, new image product layers and a flight schedule optimized for its users' crops to reliably deliver usable data whenever needed. TerrAvion’s core product is a package of high-resolution imagery products, including Infrared (CIR), Thermal, Natural Color and various vegetation index products.

The new imagery data products that are included in the service are Synthetic Color, with an image resolution under 10 cm/px, and a pan-sharpened Thermal that gives the best-in-class water management solution available in the market. Straightforward, easy to understand, weekly flight schedules in every region during the growing season ensure that data is available at every agronomic event. New flight schedules are simple, weather-permitting weekly flights in all regions.

TerrAvion offers an open API for imagery data usage in other agricultural platforms.

Learn more at www.Terravion.com/product-info/.