Wireless Internet access is a necessity for all businesses, and farming is no exception. While we are seeing continual improvements getting broadband to the farm, there has been little emphasis on helping farmers and ranchers extend WiFi outside the home or office and across their properties. The new AyrMesh Hub2x2 is the fastest product available today for rural outdoor WiFi.

The AyrMesh Hub2x2 is an outdoor, high-power, meshing WiFi access point. The new Hub2x2 is designed to deliver high-speed outdoor WiFi across large outdoor areas. Using MIMO, the Hub2x2 can provide broadband-class WiFi to hundreds or even thousands of acres of property. The new Hub has high output power, ensuring fast Internet access around the farmyard and all the way across the farm – up to tens of thousands of acres. The Hubs can also be used to improve overall security through the use of IP cameras and other networked security devices. All Ayrstone products are designed for simple installation--no networking experience is needed.