Raven Industries, Inc. will be displaying the latest advancements in autonomous agriculture at DOT Demo Days in Maricopa, Ariz., this spring. The Dot Power Platform (Dot) is powered by Raven’s suite of machine control technology, including the RS1 for steering and guidance, Slingshot for remote support and connectivity, and Raven’s object detection and avoidance solution. Dot completes tasks autonomously and enables farmers to spend more of their time focusing on the overall operation of their farms.

The Dot Power Platform is a mobile diesel-powered platform designed to handle a large variety of agricultural implements. 

Supporters and early adopters of the technology have been gathering in Arizona this winter to witness this revolution in agriculture.

Raven and DOT are preparing for commercialization of the technology this spring.

“In addition to the commercialization of Dot, we’re preparing to release AutoCart™, our autonomous grain cart technology, for use during the fall harvest. Our progress will equip customers to be more efficient and maximize profits," said Wade Robey, Executive Director of Raven Autonomy.

Raven is now accepting preorders for AutoCart.

DOT will be holding two additional public Demo Days this spring. Held in partnership with the University of Arizona, the demos will occur on February 26 and March 25 at the University extension campus in Maricopa, Ariz. Details and registration information can be found at ravenprecision.com/autonomy.