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Leadership of a precision farming business can take many forms and come from different places within a dealership. But it often takes a coordinated effort by ownership, management and specialists to create and sustain a productive culture.

The stability of a precision business is rooted in its people and their ability to collaborate on a unified goal to maintain a competitive advantage. Employee recruiting and retention, product diversity and revenue growth are challenges many dealerships encounter on the precision side, but there are proven, tactical approaches to maintaining precision profitability.

So what’s the secret to getting universal dealership buy-in its precision business? It starts with communication and planning, cornerstones of Eis Implement’s strategy for establishing its precision farming department.

In today’s Precision Farming Dealer podcast, we welcome in Eis Implement owner Jon Eis, precision farming manager Eric Hagenow and precision farming specialist Phil Davister to talk about how each of them define their role within the dealership’s precision business, lessons learned building the business and advice for how to improve culture and accountability.

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