Concord - NT30HD Disc Drill


Tech Specs: Concord’s NT30HD Double Disc Drill is a 30-foot-wide model that offers an improved air distribution system, as well as a more simplified design for easier calibration and clean-out. The integral tank on the NT30HD offers an industry-leading capacity of 175 bushels divided 60/40 into two. It includes multiple product level sensors for closely monitoring the amount of seed or fertilizer remaining. The Venturi meter design also eliminates the need for a pressurized hopper. An ISO compliant electronic control unit controls and monitors a wide variety of functions, including fan speed, meter status, row unit down force, bin levels and more. The system is compatible with most in-cab ISO terminals, but is optimized for seamless use with the field-proven Raven CR7 and Viper 4+ terminals. 


A remote calibration keypad is included as standard equipment, allowing operators to calibrate the machine without having to run back and forth between the meters and tractor cab.

Bourgault- Air Planter


Tech Specs: Bourgault’s Air Planter incorporates a multi-stage Bulk Fill System to transfer seed from the air seeder to the XP meters located on the drill. The eXact Placement Meter achieves a singulation accuracy greater than 97% on 10 inch spaced canola. The system allows its operator to plant corn on one field and seed barley on the next. Farmers can choose between a shank or coulter based planting system and enables farmers to direct plant into heavy residue in no-till scenarios.


For true row-crop types like corn it is capable of achieving 99% or greater singulation and matching seed spacing performance of top established planters, on either shank or coulter openers.

Farmada - Elixir66 Fertilizer Applicator


Tech Specs: TankManager is a hardware solution providing real-time monitoring of liquid and propane bulk tank inventories. Available in both the SureTrack PRO and SureTrack FARM management system subscriptions, by purchasing TankManager, any bulk liquid or propane tank inventories can be monitored on the SureTrack dashboard anytime, anywhere. The solution comes in two hardware choices — propane and liquid —and both options ship with a monitoring box and gauge, allowing for installation on any tank, new or old. 


The entire Elixir frame has zero grease Zerks for reduced maintenance. The pivot points on the frame feature self-lubricating, high wear resistant and maintenance free bushings.

Great Plains - PL5200 Planter


Tech Specs: Great Plains’ PL5200 Planter is a highly accurate seeding solution with practical technology to make quick, efficient work of planting. With a clean frame design, producers can quickly transition with high visibility and maneuverability for a safe, comfortable experience in the field and on the road. The planter’s 5000 Series Row Unit allows producers to achieve exceptional crop stands and higher yields. The PL5200 is a 40 foot mounted stack-fold planter and can accommodate a wide variety of crops in single- and twin-row planting with exclusive features that enable operators to switch between row spacings in under an hour. Producers can choose from a traditional 3-section mechanical ground drive, a 3-section variable-rate-ready hydraulic drive, or electric individual row control (IRC) drive. 


The 5000 Series Air-Pro Meter provides excellent singulation and accuracy using a positive-air system that “dead drops” seed into the patented Clear-Shot Seed Tube to achieve uniform spacing and is designed to handle a wide variety of crops.

Kinze - 4905 True Speed Planter


Tech Specs: The True Speed system, developed by Kinze, consists of a high-speed electric meter and seed delivery tube enabling corn and soybean farmers to plant at speeds up to 12 mph, while maintaining precise singulation and seed spacing. Both 4905 configurations — 16- and 24-row — feature the Kinze 05 Series Planter upgrades designed to increase the wear life of many components, simplify maintenance, improve performance and reduce the overall cost of planter ownership.


Both the 16- and 24-row configurations feature Kinze’s Blue Vantage display and Blue Drive electric drive.

New Leader - NL5060 G5 High Capacity Pull-Type Spinner Spreader


Tech Specs: The NL5060 G5 Pull-Type Spinner Spreader by New Leader offers a 606 cubic foot capacity and over 90 foot spread widths. Its automatic left/right fan frame movement makes repeatable, accurate nutrient placement simple with 16-section swath width control. Its automatic fore/aft fan frame movement lets operators achieve accurate variable and straight application rates even when changing speeds. With the optional MultApplier insert, the unit can spread two products in a single pass, at independent or simultaneous straight or variable rates. The unit also comes equipped with scales for static infield calibration. The unit’s trailer offers a heavy-duty trailer main frame with universal hitch, 4-wheel hydraulic braking system, walking suspension with 12 inches of travel and high flotation tires for light footprint.


The unit runs fully off New Leader’s software that is plug-and-play ISOBUS-ready and is easy to maintain with its automatic hydraulic chain tensioner, centralized grease banks and automatic chain oiling alerts.

AGCO - Fendt Momentum Planter


Tech Specs: The Fendt Momentum Planter from AGCO is designed to consistently place every seed at optimum depth and spacing for uniform emergence. Sensors on each row unit adjust the toolbar to level the parallel arms ensuring row units properly engage with the soil for accurate, consistent seeding depth. The Planter’s in-line tandem wheels and wide, VF (very high flexion) tires, are positioned to run in the same track as tractor tires and forward of the row units, which eliminates pinch rows and helps minimize compaction. The optional Load Logic weight management system with automated tire inflation offers two modes to concentrate compaction in a controlled traffic pattern or spread the planter weight across the machine. Both adjust tire inflation to minimize compaction as planter weight changes during planting. Momentum Planters are available in eight configurations, each with a 1,000-gallon liquid fertilizer tank.


The planter’s exclusive SmartFrame technology includes a 3-section vertical contouring toolbar with 68 inches of vertical row-unit travel to follow the contour of any field.