John Deere - ExactRate Liquid Fertilizer Application System


Tech Specs: John Deere’s ExactRate is a factory-installed option that precisely monitors and controls the application of liquid fertilizer during planting. ExactRate gives operators row-by-row section control to help reduce fertilizer costs and the amount of chemicals applied by shutting off application in areas of overlap or non-application. The system is compatible with select models of Deere planters with electric drive including the 1775NT, 1795, DB60, DB 44 and DB66 Planters. ExactRate apps are fully compatible with the Deere 4640 Universal Display and 4600 CommandCenter and provide in-cab flow detection and in-field documentation for operators.


ExactRate can be operated at maximum speeds up to 10 mph, enabling operators to plant up to 5.9 more acres per hour.

Hardi - Navigator I Version Sprayer


Tech Specs: The Hardi Navigator I Version sprayer offers less overlap with single-nozzle AutoNozzleControl, automated filling with AutoFill, on-the-go nozzle change with AutoSelect, maximum agitation without foam with AutoAgitation, fast diagnostics for less downtime with HARDI SmartCom and an updated functional design Workzone.


The Hardi Navigator I Version sprayer features an automated cleaning feature called AutoWash.

Case IH - FA 1030 Air Boom Applicator


Tech Specs: Case IH’s FA 1030 Air Boom Applicator is built to carry more product, enhance productivity and deliver accurate application across changing terrain. With a rear-mounted 72-foot stainless steel boom and 350 cubic feet of struck capacity, the FA 1030 Air Boom Applicator helps cover more ground. Operators can select from a range of bin options, including single-, double- and triple-bin configurations. An optional micro bin is also available for applications of granular fertilizer, granular chemicals or even cover crop planting with variable-rate capabilities. On multiproduct hoppers, operators can use an adjustable divider to easily change from a 50/50 to a 60/40 split, with no tools required. If the micro bin is used for a third product, a 50/37/13 or 60/27/13 split can be selected for ultimate flexibility.


The ability to configure the FA 1030 to spread up to 3 products, variable-rate product application and left/right boom section control for optimized product delivery.

Geonave - Control Unit


Tech Specs: The Geonave and Geosystem control units for spraying applications include side sonar for plant detection in orchard rows. The navigational unit prevents any overlapping and maps fields, helping save on chemicals and cutting costs.


All data collected by the Geonave control unit can be uploaded and downloaded.