Solinftec announced a global partnership with Planet to deliver real-time data that will further drive efficiency and transparency across the agriculture industry.

This technical and commercial partnership will leverage Planet’s near-daily satellite imagery and data to further inform smart farming decisions through Solinftec. With Solinftec, farmers and ag retailers have access to live agronomic insights while on-the-job, which helps inform complex, daily farm activities and ag retailer services. The integration of Planet’s satellite data adds a new layer of vital information into the algorithm, to guide a wide variety of crop management decisions.

Planet’s satellite imagery can be used to cover large growing areas, deliver field-level detail to observe spatial variability and ensure data is up to date across the season. This partnership between Solinftec and Planet helps bridge the gap between data sources in the cloud and agricultural decisions on the ground.

“This partnership will provide invaluable data to farmers allowing them to track historical trends and inform real-time decisions for crop health monitoring and nutrient management,” says director of business development at Planet, Zara Khan.