ServiTech, Inc. today announced a long-term partnership with Sentera, under which FieldAgent by Sentera will deliver industry-leading field imagery, crop health monitoring and change detection technology to support the ServiTech Bridge platform, improving grower outcomes through more informed management decisions. 

ServiTech will leverage Sentera technology including satellite and ultra-high-resolution imagery to provide critical insights into the health of a crop and inform better in-season management decisions. ServiTech’s team of expert agronomists will leverage these insights through the Bridge platform, allowing them to observe and detect field issues in real-time to better serve the company’s grower clients. 

FieldAgent by Sentera delivers time-sensitive agricultural insights that optimize decisions and improve outcomes. FieldAgent enables agronomic advisors to continuously monitor fields, efficiently deploy scouting resources, quickly collaborate with stakeholders, accurately validate treatment efficacy and positively support economic crop input decision making.

Additional benefits to growers include:

  • Counting tassels for yield estimation
  • Validating actual plant emergence vs. as-planted population goals
  • Providing in-season data to prescribe better solutions and improve yields