AGvisorPRO is a technology application that connects agriculture to its experts. Knowledge is the key to greater profitability and sustainability. Before a farmer is going to adopt a new practice or implement a new technology, he or she must be confident in the decision. This confidence comes from talking with trusted experts. AGvisorPRO connects those seeking agriculture advice with trusted experts who can provide answers now. AGvisorPRO is like Telemedicine for agriculture combining aspects of e-harmony (algorithmic matching) with uber (scheduling and monetization of knowledge) with facetime (instantaneous connectivity) with twitter (digital reach). AGvisorPRO provides connectivity in the areas of crops, livestock, equipment and business management.

AGvisorPRO can be leveraged by equipment dealerships or ag retail to provide increased customer support while simultaneously increasing market reach.

AGvisorPRO is an unbiased and agnostic platform that can be download on both iOS and Android devices. Go to your store and download for free.

Here is 4 mins on AGvisorPRO.

About the Speakers

Robert Saik

Robert D Saik, PAg, CAC

Robert Saik has forty years of experience as a Professional Agrologist, entrepreneur and an international consultant who's worked with a wide variety of agriculturalists from Nigeria's Minister of Agriculture to Bill Gates. He was one of only 3 private citizens to address the October 2020 FAO_UN High Level Special Event (Rome) organized by the Committee for World Food Security to address agriculture sustainability.

His latest book, “FOOD 5.0 How We Feed the Future” is a pragmatic look at the five iterations of agriculture, culminating in an examination of how technology convergence is reshaping the farm and the consumer.

Robert, an outspoken champion of agriculture, is a Distinguished Agrologist, Professional Agriculture Consultant, a veteran entrepreneur and has been hailed as an agriculture futurist with unparalleled insight into where the industry is headed. 

In 2021 Robert was recognized as one of Canada’s Top 50 Most Influential Agriculture Leaders and was named one of Canada’s Top 10 Ag Mentors.

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