Verge Ag develops software that enables farmers to plan, simulate, and validate the movement of equipment in the field and execute field operations efficiently. The product, Launch Pad, is the only interactive planning experience ever made. Features of Launch Pad also enables agriculture equipment dealerships to match the size and functionality of equipment to the scope and complexity of a particular farming operation.

Verge Ag's webinar on Launch Pad covers its features and the specific use cases that make it a powerful sales enablement tool for dealership Technicians, Sales Representatives, Integrated Solutions Managers, Optimization Specialists, and Agronomy Solutions teams. Learn how Launch Pad can provide a competitive advantage to dealership teams to not only sell equipment, but also additional hardware like row/section control, automation packages, and high precision guidance receivers. 

About the Speakers

Nick Morrow, SVP of Product

Nick Morrow is SVP of Product Development at Verge Ag. He is responsible for product and technology strategy with a focus on grower solutions that simplifies farm planning to reduce in-field decisions. Nick brings over 19 years of agriculture technology expertise, encompassing remote sensing, ag retail sales enablement, and equipment technology. He started his career in 2003 focused on remote sensing collecting and delivering timely, high resolution imagery to advisors as a decision support tool for scouting. At John Deere and then at Raven, he promoted the value of automated data transfer between equipment and 3rd party systems. At Agrian, he led the product team and was responsible for designing, developing and implementing go-to-market strategy for all Agrian products and services. Nick is passionate about leveraging ag technology to make growers’ lives easier through automation and delightful user experiences. He lives in Sioux Falls, SD and is a graduate of Iowa State University in Aerospace Engineering and Colorado State University Masters of Business.

Chad Matthies, VP of Enterprise Operations

Chad Matthies is VP of Enterprise Operations at Verge Ag. He is responsible for Enterprise plus Channel strategy and sales. Chad brings over 16 years of agriculture sales, agronomy and leadership expertise, encompassing crop protection/input and ag tech. He started his career in 2005 with United Agri Products Canada as a Territory Sales Representative, which led to a leadership position within the organization. At Agrian, he was the VP of International Business Development. At BASF, he led the regional retail and grower sales teams and was responsible for managing the business relationship across the regional accounts channels. Chad is passionate about connecting the value of ag products and technology to markets, and to providing customers the optimal customer experience. He lives in Winnipeg, MB, and is a graduate of the University of Manitoba in Agriculture Business.