Tethr It Now is a fast and easy way to add outbound and inbound video calling as a part of your multi-channel support solution. Its simple architecture allows your customers or employees to connect with you instantly on any device. No app, log-in or meeting notice is required. With the Insights module, you can record, capture and translate all of your conversations using Natural Language Processing (NLP) technology that brings forward patterns and contextual details into your business processes.

Customer and product support representatives can initiate a video chat session with customers without an app from either party through a simple 2-step process: Send a hyperlink to the caller via SMS or email and instantly provide best-in-class visual customer service

Add-on Options

  • Video and Audio Calls Included
  • Uses Natural Language Processing Algorithms
  • Customized Call Tagging
  • Included Artificial Intelligence & Sentiment Analysis
  • Easy to use Data Analytical Dashboard
  • Fully Translated Transcripts
  • Multiple Languages Supported
  • API & SDK Integrations Multi-Party Calling
  • Make It Your Own with a White Label
  • ERP & CRM Integration

Learn more at www.tethrit.com

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