If you’re a non-John Deere ag equipment dealer looking for an AgriSync replacement, you’re not alone.   

John Deere’s acquisition of the customer service platform AgriSync was a hot topic of discussion among dealers of all colors at the 2022 Precision Farming Dealer Summit in early January. Deere announced the acquisition in late 2021 and said non-Deere dealers will transition off the service in 2022. 

During two roundtable discussions at the 2022 Precision Farming Dealer Summit, dealers who are losing AgriSync shared potential alternatives to AgriSync’s services. No one had found a single replacement app or program that encompasses everything AgriSync does, but several said they’re using a number of services to get by. Others are contacting software development companies themselves to get pricing for developing a custom program.

“We’ve got a lot of upset customers,” says a dealer who’s contacted a developer already. “We’ve got to do something because we have a heavy customer base that relies on [AgriSync].”

Here are some AgriSync alternatives that dealers are exploring: 

  • For Call Routing: Google Voice, Verizon One Talk and Other Phone Provider Services
    Some dealers are using Google Voice, Verizon One Talk and similar options from other phone service providers to set up universal phone numbers that ring multiple devices at the same time. In one dealer’s words, Google Voice is “not AgriSync, but it’s not bad.” However, another dealer reported repeated issues with Google Voice calls not coming through.

    8x8 was another proposed solution for call routing, but the person who tried this program says there is no ticketing system.
  • For Ticketing: DIS, CDK and Other CRMs
     The DIS (Dealer Information Systems) business management system offers service and job ticketing and tracking, as well as other management and inventory tools. One dealer said he was talking with the company about adding features as a replacement for AgriSync.

    CDK has a dealer management system for agriculture that has CRM, task tracking, scheduling, support and other capabilities. However, one dealer who is currently using it wasn’t impressed with its performance.

    Odoo has apps for CRM, sales, timesheets, help desk, invoicing and more. One dealer said they thought it looked promising, but their accountant said the platform was not Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP) compliant.
  • For Voice Over IP (VoIP) Calling: Pipedrive Integration, Tethr It and FaceTime
    Voice over IP allows you to place a call using a broadband connection. One dealer suggested integrating VoIP calling with Pipedrive, a CRM. Tethr It, a platform that works with iOS and Android devices, allows you to send a text with a link to start a video call. Users with Apple devices can use FaceTime for video calls to customers with Apple and Android devices.
  • In General: Custom App Development
    Several dealers said they’re exploring the cost of having a software developer create a custom program for their businesses. One dealer who has worked with developers on other projects advised having clarity about what you want the app or program to do before contacting the developer.

    “Be able to say exactly what you want in words, or you’ll never be able to program it.”

Have you found an alternative to AgriSync that isn’t listed here? Have you tried any of these options? Share your thoughts with other dealers in the comments below. 

Precision Farming Dealer is in contact with several companies about invitations to do Digital Demonstration webinars of their products.

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