Kansas City, Mo. — Western Equipment Dealers Assn. (WEDA) today announced its endorsement of AgriSync. The endorsement from WEDA has been established to bring attention to the benefits that AgriSync can provide to its members. WEDA believes that AgriSync is a value-added service and a solution to the growing need for faster, more efficient customer service in the equipment dealership industry.

AgriSync is the first remote support app for agriculture. It enables live video calling, which will assist advisors in providing better service to their farmer customers when breakdowns occur. The live video technology allows the advisor to see exactly what the farmer sees to help bring speed to resolution. Within the app, advisors have the ability to track their service time through a ticketing system and will obtain instant feedback from customers about the quality of service they received. The goal in the creation of the AgriSync app is to help farmers reduce downtime and advisors to provide better customer service and build loyalty within their business. The app is free for farmers, and advisors will pay an annual subscription fee.

“AgriSync is an innovative solution to providing better customer service. The thing I like best about it is the simple-to-use, one button, real-time communication point between our team and customers,” says Wayne Fischer, VP of Operations at Torgerson’s LLC.

WEDA leadership sees AgriSync as a tool that will help dealers increase profitability, use their time more efficiently and position their dealership to remain relevant to customers in a changing environment. The app is easy to use on any smartphone device. Because of the mobile capabilities, it can be implemented into other systems to complement the technology and service that is already provided.

“AgriSync's user-friendly platform gives dealers the ability to quickly and accurately respond to a customer's problem using real-time video support. The added bonus of tracking customer support time for billing purposes also provides dealers with a unique tool to enhance their profitability,” explains John Schmeiser, WEDA CEO.

“WEDA and dealer members have a well-deserved reputation of leading the charts in innovation at the dealership level. We are thrilled with the early response from equipment dealers to show the value AgriSync can bring to them and their customers. We are looking forward to continuing to provide a solution that drives profitability to help advisors and experts in agriculture deliver the best possible service,” Jerrod Westfahl, AgriSync CFO, states.

Key highlights of the partnership include a special discount to WEDA members to receive 50% off the first advisor seat from each dealership for the first year of subscribing to AgriSync. AgriSync will also provide members-only educational webinars throughout the year for WEDA.