Valley Irrigation has introduced a new corner option that is completely customizable to a grower’s field. The new Valley VFlex Corner is now the most versatile corner option in the industry.

“The new Valley VFlex Corner has been in development since 2009 and was extensively tested at Valley and in customer fields,” said John Kastl, Equipment Product Manager at Valley Irrigation. “Its flexibility is based on suggestions from growers, and it offers more options than any other corner on the market.”

Valley introduced the first corner to the irrigation market in 1974. A Valley corner machine allows growers to irrigate the acres not reached by a traditional center pivot, increasing yields on land the grower already owns.

The new VFlex Corner features an 8000 series span and an improved steerable drive unit structure for industry-leading strength and durability. The VFlex also includes a wider track-and-roller cradle that can be easily serviced with standard hand tools.

“We did a lot of work to make sure the VFlex is the most durable, reliable, longest-lasting, and easy-to-maintain corner available,” Kastl said. “It also offers growers tremendous flexibility, so they can tailor it to a specific field’s needs.”

The VFlex Corner maintains the same simple and reliable start-stop controls of the Valley Corner, but offers extensive options to fit each grower’s requirements. Customizable options include:

• Three corner length choices
• Mechanical or electronic sprinkler sequencing
• Fixed or swiveling water inlets
• Single or dual steering gearboxes
• Wire or GPS Guidance
• Trailing or leading orientation

Valley will be showcasing the new VFlex Corner in its booth at Husker Harvest Days, September 10-12, in Grand Island, Neb.