Valley Irrigation has added three new options to its VFlex Corner to give growers exactly what they need to irrigate additional acres on their farms.

The VFlex Corner was introduced last fall as a replacement for the Valley Corner, which had been in production since 1974. The VFlex Corner maintains the same simple and reliable start-stop controls of the Valley Corner, but is engineered with the most modern structural components. The VFlex, designed for growers who want options, is the most customizable corner on the market.

Today, Valley is expanding those options even more by offering electronic sprinkler sequencing, an additional corner length and an inverted corner.

Electronic sequencing provides more precise water application and better uniformity. It continually measures the corner angle and the rate of change of the angle to dynamically calculate the correct sprinkler sequencing for specific field needs.

Equipment Product Manager John Kastl said electronic sequencing gives growers more flexibility and control over their sprinklers.

“Not only will it provide the best water uniformity in the industry, but electronic sequencing allows growers to further customize water application to field shape, field conditions, and farming practices,” Kastl said.

The addition of electronic sequencing enables the VFlex to offer options that aren’t available with mechanical sequencing, including a new 305-foot corner length and the inverted corner option.

The new 305-foot VFlex allows for irrigation of more acres in fields that aren’t quite square, Kastl said. Irrigating more acres means more yields, which increases profit.

The inverted corner, which moves ahead of the center pivot, is often a better fit on part-circle fields and gives growers another way to design a corner for their fields’ exact needs.

“The Valley VFlex Corner is a great option for growers looking for simple controls, flexibility, and lower cost,” Kastl said. “This all combines to provide an excellent, customizable corner.”

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