DALLAS, April 14, 2022 – Titan Machinery, a dealership with more than 100 locations in the U.S. and Europe, is partnering with Augmenta to give farmers a smart and automated real-time variable rate application (VRA) of their inputs. 

The alliance will offer U.S. farmers, particularly in the Midwest, access to the Augmenta System, a VRA control device that fully automates a range of in-season inputs such as nitrogen, fungicides, plant growth regulators and desiccants. It analyzes, learns and applies in-field and in real-time to optimize inputs according to actual need. This reduces waste, soil chemical loads and input costs while maximizing yield potential. As a result, sustainability opportunities are created and profitability improved.

"In the face of ever-rising costs and environmental concerns, the Augmenta System offers a proven, no-hassle solution designed to improve efficiency and farming outcomes. That's why we see it as a perfect fit for our customers," says Sam Christianson, director of precision and machine control systems for Titan Machinery.

The partnership is notable because it gets a massive dealership involved with a company that directly influences crop input utilization, writes Shane Thomas, an agribusiness professional who authors the weekly news and analysis column Upstream Ag Insights. Thomas says it's a smart move for both Titan and Augmenta.

"Augmenta plugging directly into the dealership is great from a distribution perspective," Thomas writes. "Augmenta currently has a relationship with CNHI via investment (which is the primary company that Titan dealerships sell).”

In a statement, Augmenta co-founder and general manager Dimitri (Jim) Evangelopoulos says both Augmenta and Titan realize that getting tech into farmers' hands is the only way forward for the industry, and "the benefits can then speak for themselves."

The Augmenta System integrates with normal agronomic practices and requires no specialization or additional logistics. This solution also retrofits to pre-existing farming equipment, making it ideal for both producers new to VRA and those who are looking to maximize established VRA practices, regardless of the size of the farming operation.

Titan Machinery's dealer network includes U.S. locations in North Dakota, South Dakota, Iowa, Minnesota, Nebraska, Wyoming, Wisconsin and Colorado, and European locations in Germany, Romania, Bulgaria and Ukraine.

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